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Changes were made and problems were solved.


At KickBox Audio we've taken the time off to hear the voices of our most loyal customers. It's time to clean off the drawing board and bring you a new and improved product line.



Start by never stopping

Never run out of battery again! Use this Power Bank to charge your Android smart phone, tablet, and even your new Apple Iphone 5 or Ipad. It also works with any USB powered device that uses DC5V or under. SF Cable Power Bank is compact and easy to carry.

The Power Bank provides backup battery power for Android phones, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPod, iPad, GPS and other USB powered 5V and under mobile devices.

More Products coming soon. 

More Products coming soon. 

Our Family 

Here are a few reasons to continue to snoop around. KickBox Audio is the first family driven tech company you'll ever know. 


KickBox Audio products have been sold around the world. Recently the brand has repositioned its focus back to the desires of the core consumer. Providing user friendly, up-to-date technology to those who are lost in a world of advanced innovation. 

We're reaching the consumer who simply wants to hear their favorite music through devices they can depend on. Getting to the stage where the brand is today has not been easy. The goal is to diversify the product line and easily integrate our devices with today's modern electronics. 


Andre Clark, CEO 



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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality electronic products at competitive prices backed by our stellar customer service. Using the highest ethical standards, we will provide new and unique electronic products to our customers. We will strive to implement long-term relationships with our customers based on quality, values and prompt service.